Yes, GigaCrete steel framed PanelSystems are available for numerous applications such as schools, religious structures, retail, commercial, hospitality, resort development, guard shacks, remote location housing, insulated water tanks, apartments and typical housing. 

Can GigaCrete be used for other things like roads, sidewalks, bridges, and foundations?

Not yet, GigaCrete manufactures finishes for existing building materials such as Cement Block (CMU) walls, ICF, SIP’s panels, Gypsum board, Magnesium Board  and many other common wall substrates.

Can only specialized people such as contractors and trade specialists use GigaCrete products?

GigaCrete’s products can be applied by contractors and those in the trades with suitable application skills. The best results should be expected from professionals and trained product installers typically EIFS, Stucco installers and Plasterers. We are also training the drywall trades who are interested in learning the next generation methods of finishing ICF walls. Please contact us for more information and scheduling free training.

Does GigaCrete export overseas

Yes, we have been exporting products since 2007 and have installations in many countries around the World.  Most countries accept US Code compliance and our Professional Engineering standards.

Are their opportunities for factory partners or investing into GigaCrete.

Yes, please contact Michael Johnson, CEO at the Nevada factory and World Headquarters.

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