GigaHouse the Fastest to construct and Most Energy Efficient Home Today

GigaHouse is a super insulated steel framed building system (steel is the most recycled material on earth) utilizing GigaPanel components and so energy efficient that it can exceed even ICF construction in thermal qualities. It is NOT a SIP’S panel. GigaCrete EPS panels utilize our patented structural steel stud connection system. However the structure is considered a “Steel framed” building system with “Rigid Insulation, isolating and encapsulating the structural steel studs and patented connectors” and is signed off by a local registered structural engineer (PE) and utilizes ICC approved steel studs and EPS foam.  We have eliminated measuring each stud typical to conventional framing practices. We build with the insulation panels first which locate each structural stud component, making the installation very fast and right the first time.  Walls go up in minutes and a small house can be erected in one day using local labor and coated by plastering or stucco applicators ready for occupancy in about a week. Concrete pads or slab foundations are preferred for fastest installations.  GigaHouse comes in a handful of components making onsite installations simple and very fast. Training for installers is available at the Las Vegas factory and it’s free!  We need trained applicators and installers all over the World. 

GigaHouse super insulated steel-framed construction system specifically targets projects where rapid speed of construction and ease of assembly is important. By significantly reducing labor costs and project cycle times, GigaHouse building system allows a high performance sustainable structure to be constructed at or below wood framed prices! This is a revolutionary step change in the way we build by reducing onsite labor costs. All walls are super insulated with higher R values starting at R-24 up to R-60. In addition, GigaCrete panels are coated with PlasterMax abuse and fire resistant interior coatings and waterproof weather resistant StuccoMax exterior coatings and painted any color.

Building operating costs are reduced, HVAC systems can be sized down as much as 60%, and operating times to heat or cool the structure are shortened. No matter if you are building a home, school classrooms, commercial space, medical center, church or multi use building, GigaHouse provides the thermal efficiency and speed to get your project completed and occupied quickly.

BallistiCrete interior protection is available if needed.


Meets IBC steel-framed construction standards, utilizing ICC approved steel studs and EPS foam

Engineered to withstand hurricane force winds and CA seismic zone 4

Easily and rapidly assembled by unskilled labor

Utilizes PlasterMax fire rated interior abuse resistant finishes

StuccoMax non-combustible waterproof exterior finishes

NO Portland cement = Low Carbon footprint

Unlimited design possibilities including curved walls

Ideally suited for Low cost and affordable housing

No wood, No rot, No mold or mildew, insect and fire resistant

Containerized and shipped globally to remote locations as a complete kit

Emergency and Disaster relief permanent housing and shelters

International joint venture factory opportunities are available

Supplier of remote location housing for Oil and Gas and Mining industries

Government suppliers of mass affordable housing

Unlimited design capabilities

Lightweight components are hand carried onsite, no need for cranes.