Environmental benefits of GigaCrete materials:

  • No VOC Emissions:GigaCrete’sPlasterMax products exceed EPA, State of California, and CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) standards for VOC emissions and indoor air quality.
  • Nontoxic: All GigaCrete products are manufactured with nontoxic materials.
  • Aggregate: PlasterMax and StuccoMax products utilize no silica sand a known carcinogen. Other ingredients used are even edible and used in consumer food products.
  • Silica Free:PlasterMax and StuccoMax products contain no silica sand, eliminating the potential risk of human exposure to silica dust.
  • Different CO2 Profile: Kilns that calcine the mineral-based cement utilized in GigaCrete’s products run at a lower temperature than kilns producing Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). During the setting and hardening of the mineral cement, a process called carbonation reabsorbs some CO2 from the atmosphere. GigaCrete has a carbon footprint of 480 versus Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) 930, a significant reduction.
  • Low Water Use: GigaCrete products require less water than most conventional OPC building materials. Less water means less shrinkage or cracking.
  • Nonflammable: GigaCrete coatings will not support flame or fire, thereby reducing the potential for harmful or toxic off-gases associated with structure fires.