Upcoming Products

The following products are under development at GigaLabs

StuccoMax Manufactured Stone Bond and Mortar can be used to permanently adhere manufactured stone to ICF walls. StuccoMax is applied directly over ICF forms, reducing installation times and costs compared to typical stone application methods.

StuccoMax CMU Waterproof Wrap. We now offer a means to wrap an existing CMU (concrete block) wall with an inexpensive thin coat material that not only waterproofs the wall, but also strengthens it immensely. Even blocks with weak, cracked, or no mortar become stronger. StuccoMax eliminates water passing through the porous CMU block. This water can carry dissolved salts, creating unsightly efflorescence and causing the delamination of conventional stuccos and paint from the wall. When used on both sides, no water can enter or pass through the cement blocks. Efflorescence damage can now be a thing of the past. Cities around the world are plagued with maintaining the street sides of block walls where sprinklers on the homeowners side create damaging results requiring constant and expensive repairs.

GigaBoard. Over a year in the making, this incredible new breakthrough replaces drywall, OSB, plywood sheathing, and Chinese magnesium board, and offers resistance to water, mold and mildew, insects, rot, and fire. GigaBoard is nailable like sheetrock, accepts screws, is fire, mold, and mildew resistant, and can be used for interior and exterior applications. Investment/partners are being sought for manufacturing locations around the World.