What We Do

GigaCrete is a next generation ‘green’ building materials company with products that truly push the building envelope on performance and sustainability.

GigaCrete is an emerging market leader in the quest to innovate more durable and higher-performance construction products for builders, architects, and contractors. We launched the world’s first interior PlasterMax abuse resistant and fire rated coating in 2008 aimed squarely at the ICF industry to replace gypsum board.

In 2012 we launched GigaHouse, a revolutionary way to build super insulated homes faster at less cost with ultra high energy efficiencies yet retain time tested steel framed construction methods accepted globally.

“Clean tech” or “green tech” is now a mainstream category of innovation that is changing the way we manufacture and the way we build. Using advances in industrial and construction ecology, GigaCrete is applying green technology to push the industry ahead and create new, higher standards in global housing and high performance green coatings.