Who We Are

GigaCrete manufactures some of the most innovative, functional, high-performance coatings and high speed house building systems on the market and we ship globally to many different countries needing housing and better coatings solutions.

Our products are cost-competitive, unmistakably ‘green’ and capturing the attention of world markets anxious to leave behind old and inferior ways to build.

  • If you are a government official seeking solutions to mass affordable housing needs, we can supply factories capable of producing thousands of homes annually and creating massive onsite employment for unskilled workers.
  • If you are an oil or mining company seeking remote location housing units, we can supply many cost effective houses daily to support your needs.
  • If you are architects seeking ‘green’ coatings with high performance requirements over Insulating Concrete Forms, we are the leader in these technologies.
  • If you are school officials demanding less maintenance or eliminating mold or mildew issues, we have a drywall replacement.
  • Or maybe you are plastering contractors looking for next generation products that save labor and installation time; we have you all covered.

We are unmistakably one of the most advanced coatings companies producing product today. If you’re a homeowner, a school or other institutional facility, a hotel chain or burger chain, or even a military facility looking for green healthy building materials or shoot houses or firing ranges, we are the ideal choice for todays environmentally friendly yet high performance systems.